The Best Science Animations

Do you think that society would be better off if more people understood and appreciated the value of science?

Would our actions to control climate change be more urgent?

Would we have a better appreciation for facts about vaccines, rather than fearful reactions based on misinformation? 

If your answer is 'yes', then we agree.

But how can we make science more accessible and foster an engaged and informed public?

Animation is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal.

Online videos are increasingly becoming the dominant form of content on the internet. This gives animation an unlimited potential to engage a broad audience, and truly 'show' the public the value of science, in a way that journal articles, textbooks and blogs simply can't.

To celebrate, to inspire and to see what's possible, we wanted to share some of the best science animations we know of (in no particular order).

Best science animations

You know that the ocean is deep, right? But do you really know just how deep it goes?

It's well-accepted that we know more about our solar system than we do about the depths of Earth's oceans.

This animation from Tech Insider does a great job of explaining the sheer scale of the depths of our oceans.

Cancel your Netflix subscription.

Forget about the next Star Wars film.

Mother nature has devised some weird and wonderful creatures - more fascinating than any you've seen in Sci-Fi films.

We use the muscles in our body all day, every day - from lifting weights to sleeping.

But how do I actually bring that coffee mug from the desk to my mouth, in order to deliver the crucial, life-sustaining beverage?

With a background in Exercise Science, this is one of my favourite science animations.

Kurzgesagt consistently produces some of the very best science animations we've ever seen.

Choosing the best wasn't an easy task, but here is one that provides evidence-based information, in a non-judgemental way, about a quite heated topic.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionise our world.

But there is a lot of concern and uncertainty about what AI is - and what's machine learning?

To help make things clear, we produced this video explainer.

What are the best science animations you’ve ever seen? Let us know on Twitter, we’d be happy to geek about them with you 😻

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