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Custom science explainer
animation service

Our multidisciplinary team is ready to turn your idea into a beautiful and compelling animation.

Man and a woman standing in front of a video player playing a custom science animation or animated explainer video - Animate Your Science

Animate Your Science is a leading provider of custom science explainer animation services, utilizing our expertise in science animation to offer peerless quality in production. We are dedicated to translating your scientific messages into a captivating visual narrative, ready to engage audiences globally.

Join hands with our experienced team of PhD-trained science communicators and professional artists to weave a tailor-made script that perfectly captures your unique requirements in a compelling science animation. We have had the privilege to provide our custom science explainer animation services to a diverse range of sectors including universities, governments, NGOs, and scientific industries, all in aid of fulfilling specific communication objectives for unique causes. Our science animations are our flagship offering, and we pour every effort into ensuring your animation fulfils its intended purpose.

Rest assured, our custom science animation service is dedicated to delivering your vision on time, within budget, and free of unexpected surprises.

Our Custom Science Animations

Bronze medal for custom science animation - Animate Your Science


Whiteboard style

Its power lies in its simplicity. Affordable and effective.


Silver medal for custom science animation - Animate Your Science

Basic 2D motion graphics or
hybrid whiteboard/2D motion graphics style

Offers great flexibility and creative freedom.

Gold medal for custom science animation - Animate Your Science


Medium-level 2D motion graphics

This is an animation that makes you go WOW!


Platinum medal for custom science animation - Animate Your Science

High-end 2D motion graphics

This is an animation that will carry you away and make you fall in love.

What's Included


Video produced by our

PhD-trained creative experts

Microphone - Animate Your Science

Voiceover, custom sound design

2 rounds of revisions at each stage

Playback button - Animate Your Science

Full high-definition animation

English captions - Animate Your Science

English captions

Twitter icon - Animate Your Science

Sharing on our social channels

Optional extras

Microphone - Animate Your Science

Non-English voiceover

Speech and dialogue - Animate Your Science

Non-English subtitles

Images icon - Animate Your Science

High-resolution still images from each scene

Megaphone - Animate Your Science

Targeted paid advertising campaigns

Key Benefits

Engage your audience and relay memorable messages with animation and storytelling.

Make the complex simple and memorable

Brain icon - Animate Your Science

Journalists need video content they can use for free


Therefore, videos boost your chances of being picked up by the media

Microphone icon - Animate Your Science

Communicate your message 24/7, even while you sleep

Speech icon - Animate Your Science


What Clients Think of Our Animations

"AYS are a professional service that deliver high quality animations and images catering to your specific needs. Will be back again, cannot recommend them high enough.

Prof. Michelle Colgrave


"We are happy withe result and have had a dynamic, patient and responsive working proses with Animate your Science. We were recommend Animate your Science by other partners and they have lived up to their reputation as professional, competent and engaged."

Henrik Oksfeldt Enevoldsen


A proven process that lets us work together at a distance

We use an easy-to-use client portal to efficiently communicate with you and share our progress.

You'll be in full control the entire time, with opportunities to provide feedback at each key stage of the process:
so there will be no surprises.

Custom science animation explainer video production process diagram - Animate Your Science

Production time is typically 4-6 weeks, assuming rapid revisions and approvals on your end (<48h)

Watch our animation process explainer

Our satisfied clients

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