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How to gauge your research impact: the SciComm Checklist

Test your research impact and level of science communication in just 5 minutes

research impact scicomm checklist animate your science

Is this your story?

You’ve spent days upon weeks upon years of work into your research.

AND you submitted your paper to a respectable journal.

AND you’ve defeated the evil Reviewer #2 with an onslaught of rebuttal arguments.

AND you’ve now successfully published your paper.

BUT then your paper dives deep into the ether of the internet. How will people find it?

The majority of your target audience won’t dive into the deep end themselves. Let’s give them a hand to fish out the science you’ve worked so hard on.

Visibility is everything.

Here at Animate Your Science, we’ve developed an assessment tool to gauge how well you’re promoting your scientific research to the world:

The SciComm Checklist.

Give it a try! It’ll only take you 5 minutes. I promise!

Here’s a preview of what you might be quizzed on.

scicomm checklist animate your science research impact

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Until next time!


Dr Flynn Slattery

Dr Juan Miguel Balbin

Dr Tullio Rossi

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