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Lights, Camera, Impact!
How to produce captivating science videos

The Online Course
with Dr Tullio Rossi


Learn the tricks-of-the-trade for producing your own engaging science videos using beginner-friendly tools!

This comprehensive course will cover all of your bases: from script writing all the way to video editing and voice over recording.

Why create a science video?

Video storytelling has transformed the way we share and discover science. From enlightening video abstracts to inspiring TED talks, it's the premier format for impactful communication.

But every good video needs a skilled creator. That's you.


Now, it’s your turn to shine in front of the camera. Under the mentorship of Dr. Tullio Rossi, the award-winning director of Animate Your Science, you'll embark on a journey to master the art of video storytelling.

Dr Tullio Rossi of Animate Your Science
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Embark on a self-paced adventure that covers everything from crafting compelling scripts with proven storytelling techniques and character creation, to bringing your vision to life with solid design principles and beginner-friendly editing software.


Transform your ideas into engaging audiovisual narratives that not only inform but inspire.

Designed to empower, "Lights, Camera, Impact!" equips you with the skills to become a confident video creator. Your research will no longer just be read; it will be watched, shared, and discussed.

Take action today: Enrol now and gain the timeless skills of video production that will elevate your professional journey.

Lights, Camera, Impact!

Your Transformation

Witness your transformation as you transition from common challenges to mastering the art of science communication through video


Not knowing where to start


To mastering a tested production process


Trying to communicate disjointed messages


Telling stories that connect


Your science behind a wall of jargon


To making your science visible and clear


Scratching your head about copyright


Confidently navigating legalities in video creation

Course Outline

26 video lessons | 3 hours of learning

Module 1: Course introduction

1.1 Welcome to the course

1.2 About your instructor

1.3 Types of videos

1.4 Making science truly open

Module 2: Scripting & storyboarding

2.1 Start with the end in mind!

2.2 Crafting a character

2.3 The ABT Framework

2.4 How to boil it down

2.5 How to avoid jargon

2.6 Framing your message

2.7 Scripting versus free-flowing

2.8 Storyboarding techniques

Module 3: Principles of design

3.1 Avoiding Death by PowerPoint

3.2 Negative space

3.3 Managing cognitive load

Module 4: Copyright & how to stay out of trouble

4.1 Copyright and licensing

4.2 Where to find licensed and public domain content

4.3 Generative AI

Module 5: Video style options

5.1 Style options 1

5.2 Style option 2

Module 6: Editing software toolbox

6.1 PowerPoint videos

6.2 Classic video editors

6.3 AI-powered video editing

Module 7: From good, to great!

7.1 Boosting video quality

7.2 Boosting audio quality

7.3 Accessibility

Are you preparing for the Visualise Your Thesis Competition?

Our bonus module in the Premium package is your key to success!
We'll dissect the rules, analyse what judges are looking for, and ensure you meet all the eligibility criteria for a winning entry 🏆

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About Your Instructor

Dr Tullio Rossi of Animate Your Science

Hi! I'm Dr Tullio Rossi, award-winning science communicator, marine biologist and graphic designer. As Founder of the science communication agency “Animate Your Science”, I help researchers tell their story to the world. 


Our engaging video animations and eye-catching graphics make science understandable for everyone, reaching millions of people around the world, thereby creating a real-life impact. 


Pricing Table

For someone who had never ventured into creating videos about my research, this course provided a comprehensive overview of all the elements to consider for structuring and formatting a captivating science video.


Tullio's excellent ability to weave analogies and storytelling into his teaching made the learning experience thoroughly engaging and easy to follow along.

Carla Gallasch

The University of Adelaide

This course gives you the A-Z (or should I say ABT) for mastering the art of storytelling and video production.


Packed with practical skills and knowledge, it makes learning a fun and engaging educational experience!

Sarah Battersby

The University of Adelaide

An absolutely essential course for any researchers who want to share their research with the world!


I have learned to think about my research in new ways, and how I can share my discoveries with the people that will benefit from it the most.

Madison Bellchambers

The University of Adelaide

🥈 Essential

 1 Year Online Course Access



$127 USD 

one time purchase

  • 1 year access to the online course "Lights, Camera, Impact! How to produce a captivating science video."

  • Script writing template

  • Curated list of software recommendations

  • Certificate of completion

🥇 Premium

Lifetime Online Course Access
+ Individualised feedback
+ Community Access

$247 USD

one time purchase

You’ll get everything in Essential plus

  • Lifetime access to the online course"Lights, Camera, Impact! How to produce a captivating science video." ($199 value)

  • Lifetime access to the AYS Visual Science Community where you'll be able to ask questions, share your wins and get inspired from other students ($79 Value)

  • Individualised Feedback  from the AYS team on a video you produce via the AYS Visual Science Community  ($99 value)

  • Visualise Your Thesis Bonus Module ($19 value)

🎓 Institution

Fully customisable to the needs
of your students and staff

Bulk discounts available

  • Everything in Essential or Premium 

  • Optional: 

    • Bundles with our other courses and workshops

  • Experience the value first-hand with our 'try before you buy' offer, allowing one member of your team to take the course at no cost to assess its quality and relevance for your institution.

Our satisfied clients

Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee logo - Animate Your Science

We are so confident in our content that if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the course, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Logos of satisfied clients of Animate Your Science

Versatile Video Mastery

One course, infinite applications. Discover how you can craft impactful videos for an array of contexts

Video abstracts

Video competitions

Funding/award/job applications

Conference presentations

Explainer videos

Social media content

Video emails

Video research papers

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