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The Science Communication Training Academy

Unleash your Impact through our specialised SciComm training programs

Online courses
Self-paced learning

Online courses - Animate Your Science
Workshops in-person or online - Animate Your Science

In-person or Online

Keynote presentations in-person or online - Animate Your Science

Keynote presentations
In-person or Online

Online courses

Online courses
How to design an award-winning scientific poster online course - Animate Your Science

How to design an award-winning
scientific poster
Online | 33 video lessons | 3 hours of learning


Lights, Camera, Impact!
How to produce captivating science videos
| Online | 26 video lessons | 3 hours of learning

Learn to draw in Illustrator: by scientists for scientists online course - Animate Your Science

Learn to draw in Illustrator:
by scientists for scientists
Online | 30 video lessons | 4 hours of learning

Communicating your research clearly to both expert and lay audiences can be a difficult challenge.


But not an impossible one. 

Our workshops will equip you with the skills you need to tell your own story in a way that strongly resonates with your target audience.


Workshops in-person or online - Animate Your Science

Keynote presentations

Our mission is to guide and inspire researchers to become compelling and captivating communicators.

But in order to reach them,

we need your help.

Animate Your Science is prepared to deliver a keynote presentation at conferences and events to ignite your audience's SciComm drive.

Keynote speakers and presentations - Animate Your Science
Keynote presentations

What is the Science Communication
Training Academy?

The Science Communication Training Academy, initiated by Animate Your Science, aims to cultivate a new generation of communication savvy researchers.
Our offerings cater to all tertiary education levels, welcoming students, researchers, and even seasoned academics to enhance and refresh their communication skills through our courses and workshops.

Our team of academically-trained instructors

Dr Tullio Rossi of Animate Your Science
Dr. Tullio Rossi
PhD, Marine Biology

Poster Design | Storytelling | Video | Public Speaking | Keynotes
Dr Juan Miguel Balbin of Animate Your Science
Dr. Juan Miguel Balbin
PhD, Microbiology (Parasitology)

Adobe Illustrator | Poster Design


How to design an award-winning scientific poster

Exceptional course! The Award-Winning Scientific Poster Design course transformed my approach to presenting research. Clear and insightful content made designing impactful posters a breeze. Highly recommended!

Dawood Ghafoor

James Cook University

Natalie Brown

The University of Adelaide

Steve Kinsey-Trotman

The University of Adelaide

I wanted staff and students to learn from the best how to make compelling research posters, so I bulk-purchased access to AYS's online course.

The feedback from the students has been excellent and so have been their new posters. Every graduate student should do this training!

Jack Hetherington

The University of Adelaide

Learn to draw in Illustrator: by scientists for scientists

The course was great! It gave me the opportunity to learn both basic and intermediate skills in Adobe Illustrator. 

I now have the confidence to create my own drawings from scratch, which will elevate the science communication aspects of my work to the next level!

Kyle Brewer

The University of South Australia

Great course!
Very good and comprehensive introduction to Illustrator, showing a variety of tools and then applying them during exercises. The course is well-structured and very engaging. Would recommend!

Alexandra Mayette

James Cook University

Miguel has such a gentle and clearly spoken way of teaching. He makes great use of prompts and popups to visually help you navigate Adobe Illustrator, and gives great demonstrations for real-world applications to make artwork for posters, presentations and graphical abstracts.

Adrian Abdo

The University of Adelaide

This course was easy to follow and perfect for beginners and intermediate Adobe users. The initial tutorials help beginners to quickly gain the skillset necessary for intermediate activities. Tutorials are relevant for the types of schematics people in science will create for presentations, posters, and publications.

Serena Barnes

The University of South Australia

Science communication workshops

I was expecting a 4-hour workshop starting at 5 AM to be tough to get through, but time has flown by, and I feel like I have lots of tools I can apply to my work going forward. Thank you Tullio.

Samantha Lees

Marine Stewardship Council

I submitted my first ever poster at a technical conference and not only received many compliments, but also won two poster prizes!

I just wanted to say thank you for your help, and I am sure that I will continue to make good use of all the information for many years to come. 

Eleanor Bilogrevic

Australian Wine Research Institute

This training provided practical insights and was a great mixture of simple yet effective. The facilitator (Tullio) was both easy to communicate with in the lead up but also knowledgeable, engaging and made the learning process enjoyable. This training was successful in equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to create impactful posters and distil complex ideas. 

Holly Tupper

ARC Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage

Our satisfied clients

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