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Maximum Impact

Science Communication Workshop

In-person or online

Learn more about science communication through workshops at Animate Your Science

Allow us to guide your institution’s researchers to create compelling stories through our science communication workshops.


We’ll uncover their hidden public speaking potential, teach them how to design impactful conference posters, introduce simple tools for creating videos, and will showcase how to use generative AI responsibly in an academic career.
This journey promises professional growth, increased audience engagement, and recognition for researchers across every discipline.

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Publish or Perish has changed to Visible or Vanish

Rocket your research to the moon - Animate Your Science

Funding agencies and journals demand broader impact

New requirements require  innovative skills to thrive

Training a new generation of researchers

86% of recruiters identify communication skills as highly important—more than any other kind of skills*. Boost communication skills and boost employability with our science communication workshops.

Practical training with immediate applications

Based on case studies and scientific evidence

Learn to communicate to both expert and lay audiences

This workshop will equip your students and researchers to become the standouts in a variety of settings - from conference presentations to production of videos and posters. 

Imagine them breaking down intricate research into relatable stories that captivate both peers and the general public. 

These are invaluable skills that will continue to serve them throughout their academic journey and beyond. 

Workshop Objectives

Four Pillars

Choose all four pillars for a full-day workshop, any two pillars for a half-day workshop, or a single pillar for a two-hour workshop.

Conference Posters

Learn how to design award-winning conference posters

Public Speaking

Public speaking online & in-person,

and use of visual aids


Learn how to produce your own animated videos using simple software

Responsible use of AI

Learn how to leverage AI tools to unlock new potentials while avoiding pitfalls

Choose your delivery method

In-person or online workshops - Animate Your Science

We will tailor your workshop to be equally effective and engaging, whether it is online or in person

About Your Instructor

Tullio Rossi profile pic 2022 col.JPG

Hi! I'm Dr Tullio Rossi, award-winning science communicator, marine biologist and graphic designer. As Founder of the science communication agency “Animate Your Science”, I help researchers tell their story to the world. 


I've had the privilege of training over 4,000 researchers from 45 countries in the art of effective science communication since 2017. Rest assured, the guidance I provide in my trainings is the culmination of years of real-world experience. These aren't just theoretical insights; these are the very same techniques we employ every day when crafting animations and graphics for our diverse clientele.


I'm eager to share this body of knowledge to empower your students and researchers to make a lasting impact with their scientific insights.


I personally invited Dr. Tullio Rossi to Xiamen University for a 5-week course in science communication. His course is essential; it fills a gap in academia by teaching career-critical communication skills.

Dr. Rossi himself is incredibly personable and fosters an environment where even the most reserved feel encouraged to participate. I can't recommend this course enough for any institution serious about cultivating well-rounded scientists.

Emily H. King

Xiamen University, China

I was expecting a 4-hour workshop starting at 5 AM to be tough to get through, but time has flown by, and I feel like I have lots of tools I can apply to my work going forward. 
Thank you Tullio.

Samantha Lees

Marine Stewardship Council 

I submitted my first ever poster at a technical conference and not only received many compliments, but also won two poster prizes!

I just wanted to say thank you for your help, and I am sure that I will continue to make good use of all the information for many years to come. 

Eleanor Bilogrevic

Australian Wine Research Institute

Excellent workshop, very informative. Have developed some very useful skills for future presentations and media interactions.

The University of Adelaide, Australia

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