How to Design an

Award-Winning Scientific Poster

The Online Course

with Dr Tullio Rossi

Launching on Nov 2nd 2020

Learn at your own pace and arm yourself with the tools, templates, skills and knowledge to create your own award-winning scientific posters.

Why a Poster Design Course?

It’s clear: every scientific poster you’ve seen has been a confusing and yawn-inducing wall-of-text.


You know you need something different: a poster that is as innovative, intelligent and interesting as your work.


But where do you start?


Join Dr Tullio Rossi, Director of Animate Your Science and award-winning science communicator, on a thorough and engaging journey of clear and effective poster design.

From choosing the appropriate software to mastering negative space, take control of your reader’s experience and feel in control of your message.


Learn at your own pace and arm yourself with the tools, templates, skills and knowledge to create your own award-winning scientific posters.

After all, great posters start great conversations.

So, shine a light on your work and stand out from the crowd of boring wall-of-text posters with an eye-catching, engaging and effective scientific poster.

Key Benefits

Stand out from the crowd

Look professional

Make connections

Advance your career

Course Outline

33 video lessons | 3 hours of learning | 8 templates & downloads

Module 1: Course Introduction

1.1 About the Instructor 1.2 Course Overview

Module 2: What are Scientific Posters?

2.1 Why are Most Scientific Posters so Bad? 2.2 What is the Purpose of a Scientific Poster? 2.3 How to Make it Easy for People to Contact You?

Module 3: How to Write Scientific Posters

3.1 Define Your Target Audience 3.2 Should a Poster Include an Abstract? 3.3 Should a Poster Include References? 3.4 How to Make Sure Your Poster Tells a Story 3.5 Writing Your Poster 3.6 How to Title Your Poster

Module 4: How to Design Scientific Posters

4.1 How to Make Your Poster Eye-Catching 4.2 Layout: How to Structure Your Poster 4.3 How to Use Negative Space 4.4 How to Visualise Data 4.5 Which Colours to Use and Avoid in Your Poster 4.6 Which Font Should I Use? 4.7 Bitmap vs. Vector Graphics 4.8 Which Software is Best? 4.9 Where to Find Free Images and Graphics? 4.10 How to Use Photos on Posters 4.11 Is the “Better Poster” Really Better? 4.12 FREE Poster Templates & Summary Infographic

Module 5: ePosters, Interactivity and Graphical Abstracts

5.1 QR codes: How to Make Printed Posters Interactive 5.2 How to Make Your ePoster Interactive in PowerPoint 5.3 How to Create an Awesome Interactive ePoster in Canva 5.4 Is the Graphical Abstract the Evolution of the Scientific Poster? 5.5 How a Poster Can Make you a Star

Module 6: How to Print Your Scientific Poster

6.1 How to Prepare for Print 6.2 Which Paper is Best?

Module 7: Bonus Content

7.1 Poster Critique: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 7.2 Old vs. New - the Debate

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About Your Instructor

Hi! I'm Dr Tullio Rossi, award-winning science communicator, marine biologist and graphic designer. As Founder of the science communication agency “Animate Your Science”, I help researchers tell their story to the world. 


Our engaging video animations and eye-catching graphics make science understandable for everyone, reaching millions of people around the world, thereby creating a real-life impact. 


I have been giving poster design workshops for 4 years, and I'm excited to share my best knowledge and tips with you in this online course!


"I personally invited Dr. Tullio Rossi to Xiamen University (China) to deliver a 5-week long course in science communication and media.

I would highly recommend Tullio's courses for any university or research lab."

Emily H. King

Xiamen University

“I took away some tips from your workshop and won the new investigator prize at the Stroke Society of Australasia conference ($1000)!”

Dr Elizabeth Lynch

The University of Adelaide

"This course was extremely helpful. It helped me to determine how to describe my research in an interesting and appealing way, yet staying on a high scientific level.

I now have enough resources and ideas to create an eye-catching poster to present at the next conference."

Laurine Kaul

The University of Adelaide

"I have never had an eye for design or a creative bone in my body.


However, this course has really helped me on the science of creating an eye-catching poster that anyone would be happy to see."

Mariana Couto Moniz

The University of Adelaide

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our content that if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the course, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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