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Visible or Vanish: How to Unleash the Impact of Your Research

The Free Online Course
with Dr Tullio Rossi

Stand out from the crowd to be visible and not vanish, free online course - Animate Your Science

The mantra of Publish or Perish has resulted in a world where 5 million papers are published every year.

That's more papers than we can read!

Panic icon - Animate Your Science

How can we make sure that our research is visible and doesn't vanish?

Watch this online course to learn directly from Animate Your Science's founder, Dr Tullio Rossi, how you can use new and emerging communication tools to unleash the impact of your research.

Dr Tullio Rossi - Animate Your Science
Publish... or Perish Visible... or Vanish

What You'll Learn

Major trends in academia you should know about

New science-backed communication tools 

How to make the media talk about your research

What You'll Get

13 short lessons

10+ years of knowledge and experience condensed

Learn at your own pace on your computer or mobile device

This course is 100% FREE - no catch, just ❤️

Key Benefits

Stand out from the crowd

Take control of your messaging

Advance your career

Course Outline

13 video lessons | Over 45 minutes of learning

8. What Do Video Abstracts Look Like

9. Types of Animations You Should Consider

10. How to Produce an Animation

11. I Made a Video Now What?

12. Do I Need to Hire a Pro

13. The Future of Research Papers

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About Your Instructor

Tullio Rossi profile pic 2022 col.JPG

Hi! I'm Dr Tullio Rossi, award-winning science communicator, marine biologist and graphic designer. As Founder of the science communication agency “Animate Your Science”, I help researchers tell their story to the world. 


Our engaging video animations and eye-catching graphics make science understandable for everyone, reaching millions of people around the world, thereby creating a real-life impact. 


I have been training researchers for 7 years, and I'm excited to share my best knowledge and tips with you in this online course!

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