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Our story

Your research is brilliant and novel. I’m sure of it. You might even be a pioneer in your field. But ask yourself honestly, is it communicated well enough to make a difference in the world?


My name is Tullio Rossi, and I founded Animate Your Science on my quest to make a positive impact on society through science.


During my Ph.D., I found that my peer-reviewed paper alone wasn’t cutting it. If I wanted to reach my peers, let alone the general public, I needed to communicate my findings in a fun and imaginative way.


This realization changed everything and inspired me to create “Lost at Sea,” an award-winning video that reached the hearts and minds of thousands of people globally.


The success of this first video blew my mind. And I got to thinking, maybe other scientists are lost at sea, so to speak. Maybe others want to reach the masses with their research, but just don’t know where to start.


This was the day Animate Your Science was born.

About: Our Story

Why we do it

What we really want to do is bring science into society. That’s the true value of this company and the reason we believe in it.

We love science but we believe that, if not communicated properly, science is of limited use to society.​


As scientists, it’s our privilege and duty to unearth these revelations and package them in a way that appeals to our peers as well as the general public.

Whether this is a video abstract, a custom animation or a graphical abstract, we are here to help you.


Our Mission - What we do every day

We empower scientists to change the world by communicating in an effective and accessible way.


Our Vision - What we are striving for

We will be regarded as the global leader in science communication.

Our work benefits society by placing science at the centre of public discussion and policy decisions.


Our Values - How we are going to get there

LOVE - We love what we do.

INTEGRITY -  Real science is a serious affair.

EXCELLENCE - Excellent science deserves excellent communication.

GROWTH - We constantly improve.

SUSTAINABILITY - We care about our planet.

Our Awards
WINNER 2022 40 Under 40
WINNER 2020 SA Minister forInnovation and SkillsSmall Business Award
WINNER 2018 AMP T omor r ow Maker
WINNER 2017 Springer NatureLaunchpad
Our Team

The Faces Behind the Magic

Tullio Rossi profile pic 2022 col.JPG

Dr. Tullio Rossi

Founding Director

Dr Juan Miguel Balbin of Animate Your Science

Dr. Juan Miguel Balbin

Project Manager &

Science Communicator

Alvin Janga of Animate Your Science

Alvin Yanga

Illustrator & Animator

Carmen profile pic.jpg

Carmen Combrinck

Operations Assistant

James profile pic

Dr. James O'Hanlon

Project Manager &

Science Communicator

About: TeamMember
Our Friends

The amazing organizations we collaborate with

Where are we based?

Animate Your Science is a fully remote company with a team distributed around the world.
Our headquarters are in Adelaide, South Australia, where we operate from the Thinclab business hub at the University of Adelaide.

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