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Science Communicator

Are you a talented science communicator? Join our team and apply your skills to help researchers and institutions have an impact.


At Animate Your Science we empower scientists to change the world by communicating in an effective and accessible way. We are an award-winning science communication agency with clients on all continents (yes, including Antarctica!). The purpose of this fixed term contract is to assess fit for long-term employment. During these 12 months, you will work very closely with Dr. Tullio Rossi, founder of the company. If you have a PhD and are a passionate science communicator with good writing and visual media skills read further.

Science communicator and project manager position at Animate Your Science

What you’ll do


Turn complex scientific concepts into simple narratives in plain english.

Graphic design and illustration

Turn ideas into visuals for storyboards and infographics.

Project management

Manage complex projects involving multiple stakeholders on different time zones and deadlines using cloud-based software.


Client facing & internal communication. 

Content creation

For our blog, training programs and social channels.

Social media

Posting and engaging on social media.

About you

What you’ll have to bring
  • You must fully identify with the company mission, vision and values.

  • You must have a PhD title or obtain one soon. (This is company policy for this role)

  • You must be an excellent writer (English).

  • You must have demonstrable experience writing for lay audiences.

  • You must have demonstrable experience in graphic design and/or illustration and/or animation

  • You must work well under tight deadlines.

  • You must understand the process of scientific publishing.

You must be
  • Dedicated.

  • Creative.

  • Reliable.

  • Independent.

  • A great communicator.

  • Keen to grow and develop your skills further.

Desirable skills
  • Writing at a journalistic level.

  • Professional experience in writing / graphic design / illustration / animation.

What success looks like
  • Deadlines are met.

  • We produce outstanding animations and graphics.

  • Customers are happy and leave raving 5-star reviews.

  • Clients never wait for more than 24 hours to hear back from us.

  • The boss is happy because he feels that he can trust you.

  • Large institutions trust us.

  • People are sharing our content


Thinclab (a beautiful co-working space in the centre of Adelaide, South Australia) and/or remote. Our local team is currently working 3 days office - 2 days home office.

It is desirable that at least for these initial 6 months you’ll work from our office so that we can get to know you better. Interstate and international applicants will still be considered.

Hours of work

Part-time or full-time. We are flexible.


This is a 12-month fixed term contract at the end of which further employment will be decided. Our intention is to keep you for a long time. A 6-month probation period applies. 


Range: 55-70k AUD per year depending on experience in a similar role.

Application Process

Submit the following by 09/2/2022.

1) Produce and submit a video cover letter of max 5 minutes where you answer the following questions.


  • Can you share a little about yourself and why you are interested in this particular role?

  • How do you feel about our mission, vision and values? Do they resonate with you? Why?

  • Why do you feel that your background makes you a good fit for this role?

  • In the past 12 months what have you done to develop your skills as a science communicator?

  • Tell me about your favourite science communication project you worked on? Why did you enjoy it so much?


2) Examples of your writing for lay audiences.

3) Examples of your design and / or illustration and / or animation previous work.


Why a video cover letter? Because replacing the usual CV and cover letter with videos saves a lot of time to both of us and gives you an opportunity to show your personality. Don't worry about recording the perfect video, your webcam with decent lighting is all you need. We expect a simple talking-head video, no need to go overboard with motion graphics.


How to apply

Use the form below and submit the videos via links (Loom, Vimeo, Google Drive…)

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