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Our team of PhD-trained science communicators and artists is ready to turn your research into a clear and compelling video abstract.

It's like a movie trailer for your paper!

Scientific icons emerging out of a computer screen with a person in front of it - Animate Your Science Video Abstract Service

Styles of Video Abstracts

Whiteboard style

Its power lies in its simplicity. Affordable and effective.

From 2,890 USD

For 90 seconds

Motion graphics style

Offers great flexibility and creative freedom.

From 5,080 USD

For 90 seconds

What's Included

Graduation cap icon - Animate Your Science

Video produced by our

PhD-trained creative experts

Microphone icon - Animate Your Science

Voiceover & music

2 rounds of revisions at each stage

Playback icon - Animate Your Science

Full high-definition animation

English captions icon - Animate Your Science

English captions

Unlock icon - Animate Your Science

Open-access licensing

Twitter icon - Animate Your Science

Sharing on our social channels

Optional extras

Microphone icon - Animate Your Science

Voiceovers in non-English languages

Speech and dialogue icon - Animate Your Science

Non-English subtitles

Image icon - Animate Your Science

High-resolution still images from each scene

 Megaphone icon - Animate Your Science

Targeted paid advertising campaigns

Key Benefits

Video abstracts draw more eyes to your research.

Eye icon for key benefits - Animate Your Science

Articles published with a video abstract benefit from: 


more views

Source: Springer Nature

Journalists need video content they can use for free.


Therefore, videos boost your chances of being picked up by the media.

Microphone icon - Animate Your Science
Rocket icon - Animate Your Science

Articles with video abstracts have:


higher Altmetric scores

Source: Springer Nature


What Clients Think of Our Video Abstracts

"The experience of getting a video abstract from Animate Your Science has been flawless.

All we had to do was to fill a short questionnaire and the rest was pretty much hands-off.

We are very happy with the final result and can definitely recommend this service.”

Dr. Federico Gaiti

Cornell University

"The way AYS extracted the information needed for our video made the whole process very clear and very easy. Our whole team was rapt with the end result and feedback from the public has been excellent. Highly recommended!"

Prof. Gretta Pecl

University of Tasmania

A proven process that lets us work together at a distance

We use an easy-to-use client portal to efficiently communicate with you and share our progress.

You'll be in full control the entire time, with opportunities to provide feedback at each key stage of the process:
so there will be no surprises.

Video abstract production process diagram - Animate Your Science

Production time is typically 3-4 weeks, assuming rapid revisions and approvals on your end (<48h)

Watch our video abstract process explainer

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