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Introducing the mobile science communication magazine: SWIPE SciComm

I'm SO EXCITED to share a major new project with you!!!

We’ve been keeping this project secret for the past 6 months, and it’s now time to reveal that we created the world’s FIRST science communication magazine!


💥 SWIPE SciComm 💥

SWIPE SciComm gif with Randy Olson for Issue 1

Wait, what? Yes you heard right!

My team and I realised that there was not a single science communication magazine out there, so so we decided to create one!

And since it's 2022, and we don't like to cut down trees for paper or burn fuel to ship it, we made it mobile-first 📱. It's a new kind of magazine that you can read on your phone without downloading any apps simply by swiping and scrolling. 📲

You have to try it, it's easy and addictive!

Here's an overview of what to expect:

  • Interviews with leading personalities

  • Tutorials

  • Reviewing the “science” of science communication

  • Guest articles

  • Case studies

The launch issue features:

  • An interview with Dr. Randy Olson, scientist turned film-maker and author of a ground-breaking series of books on storytelling.

  • A climate communications-focused piece by Dr. Simon Torok, founder and co-director of the science communications agency Scientell.

  • A fantastic tutorial for creating 3D art in Adobe Illustrator by Dr. Khatora Opperman from Animate Your Science.

… And. So. Much. MORE! Now, and into the future too! 🤩

Oh, and before I forget, the magazine is 100% FREE (and always will be).

What are you waiting for? Check it out by clicking the button below.

SWIPE SciComm button

And to stay on top of future issues, subscribe today!

SWIPE SciComm subscribe button

The vision for SWIPE SciComm is to become a global point of reference for the field.

You can help us get there by giving us feedback. If you liked something, tell us, and we’ll do more of it. And if you want to learn something else, tell us, and we’ll find an expert to cover it in a future issue.

Let us know using this form or click the button below!

Contact Us

Or perhaps, you’d like to contribute to the magazine?

We’re on the lookout for partners, advertisers and writers with a burning passion for science communication in all of its forms: research practice, public outreach, scientific illustration, and everything in-between.

If that fits your profile, we’d like to see what you bring to the table. Get in touch using this form to get the conversation rolling!

Now it’s time to SWIPE for SciComm!

Dr Tullio Rossi

Editor of SWIPE SciComm and Director @ Animate Your Science


Dr Juan Miguel Balbin

Dr Khatora Opperman

We extend our gratitude to all of our contributors to SWIPE SciComm. A full contributor list for each issue is listed on the back cover.


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SWIPE Scicomm Magazine - Read Now for FREE
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