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Animate your science

Our PhD-trained science communicators and professional artists will

through our animation services and SciComm training programs.



7000 papers are published

every single day!

Many never get cited or even read.

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Your research could

get lost too!


Our animations, infographics and training programs make your research stand out

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...and obtain the visibility it deserves


For you:

more citations and

higher impact metrics


For society:

engaging and understandable science out there


Science Animations and Graphics

Animate Your Science has helped 332+ researchers and institutions in 32 countries tell their stories by producing animations and graphics that generate impact.

Animated Video Abstracts

To tell the story of your paper in a short, fun and engaging animation

Animated video abstracts

Ready in 3-4 weeks when you order today

Custom Science Explainer Animations

A tailored animation or graphic for your unique story

Science Animations and Graphics

Ready in 4-6 weeks when you order today

Custom Scientific Graphics & Posters

Make a splash with an eye-catching scientific poster

Ready in 3-4 weeks when you order today

Graphical Abstracts

To tell the story of your paper with an eye-grabbing infographic

Ready in 1-2 weeks when you order today


Join thousands of other researchers and learn the skills to captivate your audience and communicate your research in a compelling way. Animate Your Science has trained 1850+ researchers across 26 countries. Want to unleash your impact?


Online Courses

Learn at your own pace with

our pre-recorded courses.


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Practical evidence-based science communication training.


In-person or online

Keynote Presentations

Captivating presentations tailored to your event.


In-person or online

This company was founded by a scientist for scientists: so we understand your needs.

Our PhD-trained science communicators work side by side with professional designers, following a process that ensures scientific rigour while taking little more than an hour of your time.

With us, you will get head-turning videos and graphics that truly engage your audience. Hands-off.

What sets us apart

The Animate Your Science approach is

Key benefits

Key Benefits

Videos and graphics draw more eyes to your research.

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Articles published with a video abstract benefit from: 


more citations

Key benefits icons-03.png

Articles promoted on Twitter with a graphical abstract  benefit from a: 


boost in article views

Key benefits icons-08.png

On average, people spend:


more time on pages with video

Source: Wistia Internal Study

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Journalists need video content they can use for free


Therefore, videos boost your chances of being picked up by the media


What Clients Think of Us


"The experience of getting a video abstract from Animate Your Science has been flawless.

All we had to do was to fill a short questionnaire and the rest was pretty much hands-off.

We are very happy with the final result and can definitely recommend this service.”

Dr. Federico Gaiti

Cornell University

"We are happy with the result and have had a dynamic, patient and responsive working process with AYS.

Other partners recommended us AYS, and they have lived up to their reputation as professional, competent and engaged."

Henrik Oksfeldt Enevoldsen


"Animate Your Science have done a wonderful job translating our work for a lay audience; exactly as requested and with a really quick turnaround.

Thanks Tullio and team!"

Dr. Clare Bradley


"The way AYS extracted the information needed for our video made the whole process very clear and very easy.

Our whole team was rapt with the end result and feedback from the public has been excellent. Highly recommended!"

Prof. Gretta Pecl

University of Tasmania

“A seamless, effective, visually-appealing, and fun way to get the message of our paper out to the general public.

It is so important to translate scientific findings so they can be utilised beyond our immediate scientific community, and this is a great way to do it!”

Prof. Jodie Rummer

James Cook University

Cornell University | Animate Your Science
UNESCO | Animate Your Science
BMJ | Animate Your Science
Imperial College London | Animate Your Science
Australian Government | Animate Your Science
Some of the world's most respected institutions trust us
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We use an easy-to-use client portal to efficiently communicate with you and share our progress.

You'll be in full control the entire time, with opportunities to provide feedback at each key stage of the process:
so there will be no surprises.

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Watch our animation process explainer

A proven process that lets us work together at a distance

Our process
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