Free Stunning Scientific Conference Poster Templates

It's three days before the conference, and you need to make a poster and get it printed in time for your 6 AM flight on Friday. Your hands are sweaty, and you feel the ominous sense of dread set in. What are your options:

Option 1: Use the tired old used-a-thousand-times scientific poster template made by one of the former PhD students from your lab.

Option 2: All good - you used to be a graphic designer, and you have enough coffee to skip a night or two of sleep, so you decide to make it yourself.

Option 3: You google "free research poster templates... please, I'm desperate!"

You're tempted by Option 1, Option 2 is pure fantasy but surely Option 3 is the answer! Well congratulations, you chose correctly! - Now relax, your prayers have been answered!

Best Scientific Poster Design Templates

Here are four beautiful and FREE conference poster templates to make a splash when next presenting your research. All you need is Microsoft PowerPoint to add in your own data and images.

But remember, the key to good scientific poster design is not to overload it with information. Like a graphical abstract, it's a visual summary. Keep it concise and provide the detail in person. After all, its a networking tool anyway.

Click on the images below to get your free scientific conference poster templates

If you do have some time, and you'd like to make your research poster from scratch, check out our free step-by-step guide on How to Design an Award-Winning Conference Poster.

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