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Animated Video Abstracts That Make Your Research Fly!

Video script

This is Max and this is Jane. They are scientists and they are very excited because they just got their research paper accepted for publication!

They have an important story to tell and they would like to reach a broad audience of scientists and non-scientists. However, they realize that academic articles are a tough read and discourage most people.

They need something short, catchy and easy to understand. Something that would stand out on social media… Something like a short animation video.

The problem is that they don’t know how to make videos and they don’t have the time!

They think about it for a while and Jane does an online search. She discovers a company called Animate Your Science who specializes in video and graphical abstracts for scientific articles. This is what they need!

They decide to hire Animate Your Science to produce an animation video about their research and voila! In a few weeks, their video is ready and live on YouTube.

The views, the tweets, and the likes are pouring in. Even some news outlets are using the video. Everyone is talking about it. It is a success!

Because of all this visibility, Max and Jane receive tangible benefits in terms of citations, funding, promotions, and new collaborations.

Even policymakers now understand the importance of their research and a new policy has been implemented.

Now their research is really changing the world.

Do you think that this story is too good to be true? We believe that this could be your story!

Visit Animate Your Science website to learn more about our services.


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