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5 epic science communication conferences for your travel bucket list

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Ah… scientific conferences. They’re the perfect opportunity for learning about the latest advances in the field before anything’s even published in journals.

Though, conferences aren’t just for intellectual enlightment.

They’re one heck of a party too! 🍾

Drinks and tapas during poster sessions, massive gala dinners seated next to big-shot professors, hoardes of PhD students hanging by the bar until the conference tab runs dry.

Now that’s a memory worth keeping.

Though for the scientists out there who are interested in something a little different, there’s even GREATER parties to attend. I’m talking about science communication conferences — where storytelling and audience engagement take first priority over the usual p-values, graphs and tables you might be used to.

And of course, there’s always an afterparty. 😉

Scientific conferences have a bar next to it with text saying Conference Time Equals Party Time

So pack your bags, renew that passport, and block out that calendar. Your personal SciComm flight agents have 5 epic destinations for your travel bucket list! 👇

1. Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) Network

If there’s one SciComm conference you just can’t miss, it’s definitely got to be the PCST.

The PCST Network, otherwise known as the International Network on Public Communication of Science and Technology, is a global organisation that stands at the forefront for the practice of science communication. They are particularly interested in SciComm theory, and the public’s views on science and technology as they evolve with society. On top of this, they are also major advocates for equity, diversity and inclusion in science communication research and practice. You can expect just about every angle of SciComm and its real-world applications at this conference.

Since 1989, the PCST has held their international conference once every two years across 16 different countries on every continent (except Antarctica, but who knows maybe next year ❄️🐻‍❄️). If you’re able to make it to this year’s conference on the 11-14th of April 2023, check out our SWIPE SciComm article featuring the beautiful port city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands! 🇳🇱

Register now to ensure you won’t miss out. Virtual sessions are also being held on the 3-5th April 2023.

If you’d like to learn more about the history of the PCST, check out their past conferences archive on their website. To stay updated on future events, give them a follow on Twitter!

PCST 2023 in Rotterdam Banner

2. The World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ)

Particularly interested in the journalism scene? You might want to check out the WCSJ!

The WCSJ is run by the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ), a not-for-profit NGO that continues to be a leading authority in the science journalism community. Their vision is to ensure that science journalism makes science accountable — basically so that scientists acknowledge that they possess a HUGE responsibility for how their research findings enter the world.

Fun fact: The WCSJ is in fact older than the WFSJ itself. The 1st and 2nd WCSJ conferences weren’t held by any named organisation. It was only by the 3rd WCSJ conference when the WFSJ was formed in 2002 when they elected their first president. Since then, the conference has been run run on average once every two years and is proudly holding their 12th World Conference on the 27-31st March 2023 in Medellín, nicknamed the “City of Eternal Spring” in Colombia! At the time of this post, early bird registrations are still open — so sign up today! 🇨🇴

If you’ve just missed out on the 2023 conference, keep an eye out on Twitter or their website to stay in the loop.

WCSJ2023 in Colombia March 27 to 31 2023

3. Science Talk

Passionate about having your voice heard in the SciComm scene? Well then, Science Talk might just be your go-to conference!

Run by the Association of Science Communicators (ASC), Science Talk aims to empower and inspire the SciComm community to make an impact on the world. Their vision is to build the professionalisation of science communication as its own field. Their audience ranges from researchers through to outreach specialists and teachers. You’ll find all sorts of professionals there!

The ASC’s been around since 2015, with their first conference having been held in 2017. Since then, this newcomer in the SciComm world has successfully run a conference every year. This year, they’re holding their conference titled “Giving Science a Voice” on the 6-7th April 2023 virtually or in Portland, Oregon in the US.

To find out more, follow them on Twitter and register via their website.

Science Talk '23 on April 6 to 7 Portland Oregon

4. ScienceWriters (SciWri)

Got a passion for writing big, bold, science articles? Your community might just be waiting for you at SciWri!

The annual SciWri conference is an initiative formed by the National Association of Science Writers (NASW) and the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing (CASW). Because of this epic crossover of authorities, the conference is filled with professional development workshops, massive opportunities for networking, and plenty of research presentations. It’s a goldmine of inspirational role-models for science writers.

SciWri has a relatively young history, with their first in-person conference in October of 2019 but has been running every year since in the city of Memphis, Tennessee in the US. At the time of this post, their most recent conference was on the 21-25th October 2022. Their upcoming conference also just got announced.

To check out future events, follow SciWri on Twitter or check out their past events on their website.

Science Writers SciWri conference banner

5. UK Conference of Science Journalists

Are you an excited journalist in the areas of medicine, environment, mathematics, engineering or technology? Then this conference is simply one you just can’t miss!

Run by the Association of British Science Writers (ABSW), the UK Conference of Science Journalists’ mission is to champion independence and excellence in reporting science for the scientific disciplines we mentioned earlier. Their vision is for science journalism to prioritise and uphold clarity, accuracy, honesty and unbiased opinions. At the same time, they encourage journalists not to be afraid to challenge the information they’re given. By attending the conference, there’s no doubt that you’ll be empowered by some of the most driven science communicators.

The ABSW was originally founded in 1947, and has continued to guide science journalism for over 75 years with their conference that runs once every two years. Thankfully, sessions from their 2020 conference in the middle of the pandemic are still available to watch if you’re eager to catch up on the latest advances at the time. Their most recent conference that was held post-pandemic was in the illustrious The Francis Crick Institute in London on the 27th September 2022.

Their 2024 conference is still a ways away — so make sure to follow the ABSW on Twitter and keep a close eye on their website.

Association of British Science Writers ABSW running the UK Conference of Science Journalists Banner

Animate Your Science brings SciComm to you!

Not quite ready to pack your bags for a SciComm trip? Well in that case, let’s make your itinerary a little more local or maybe even entirely virtual!

Animate Your Science hosts science communication workshops for institutions or events all around the world. Our focus is on the art of storytelling, told through the power of:

  • Conference posters

  • Public speaking

  • Video & animation

  • Traditional media

If you’re looking to hear from a SciComm expert on any of the above topics, you can learn more about what we offer over at this page.

Until next time!


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Dr Khatora Opperman

Dr Tullio Rossi


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