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Video Abstracts that Make a Difference - A Case Study

Science communication success story

16 March 2017 | A review paper on global species movement has just been accepted for publication in the journal Science.

The authors have an important message to share with their peers, policymakers, and the general public. They want to give their research the widest visibility possible.

However, they have a problem... academic papers are a tough read and may discourage many. They need something short and simple. Something that would travel well on social media. They need a video!

A. Prof. Gretta Pecl, the leading author of the study, is a communication savvy scientist and noticed Animate Your Science video abstract services since their launch.

Gretta Pecl, an Animate Your Science fan

The group of scientists decides to seize the opportunity and hires Animate Your Science for the production of a video abstract for their new publication.

It is a race against time but on March 31st the paper is published together with the video abstract. Here it is!

The reach is beyond imaginable! 2850+ views on YouTube with 100 % thumbs up rate and 550+ views on Facebook.

Tweets with the video abstract and a link to the paper receive great attention. This one below is retweeted 87 times!!!

An effective Tweet

The video abstract is even included in an article for The Conversation, which is then reported by The Australian Geographic, and many other news outlets and blogs.

The enormous conversation that developed around this article is then captured in a mind-boggling Altmetric score of 1315!!! This is an extremely High Attention Score compared to outputs of the same age (99th percentile).

Altmetric score

This is what we, at Animate Your Science, call real IMPACT and what we like to see for our clients. We want your research to change the world. Our job is simply to enable your message to spread as far as possible.

We also like happy clients :D

Animate Your Science testimonial


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